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Is your Baby ready For Daycare?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

"3 tips to have a smooth Transition"

1. Talk About the First Day of Daycare Ahead of Time

Talked to a newborn? Yes, even with your newborn baby. While they may not understand precisely what you’re saying, your tone of voice, your demeanor are cues to how they should feel. Children feel, sense and understand far more than you think they do.

If you have an older child, start talking about it with them early and often and answer any questions they may have. It’s essential that you set the tone: Daycare is a great place to meet new friends and learn lots of new things! Be sure to explain that while they are in school, you will be at work, but that every day you or your partner will be picking them up to have dinner together

Extra tip: If you’re able to take your baby/child on a tour of the facility ahead of time, meet their new friends and teachers, or provide them anything that can help them picture their new adventure, this can allow them to solidify the idea in their mind.

2. Exposure to larger Crowds

If you can attend playgroups, local mommy and me classes, or anything that provides exposure to other adults and children, your child will become more comfortable with the sensation of new experiences and meeting new people; by doing so with other kids allows your child the exposure to practice socializing.

Extra tip: You could attend a local library story time, or even the playground and encourage socialization with other kids while you’re there.

3. Change pace on their "Sleeping Habits"

All daycares are required to provide safe napping cots, cribs, or mats.

If your baby has slept in nothing but a crib, it’s possible they will start in a daycare room that only has floor mats. You can assist by letting them lay down one a mat ahead of time, that way they would what to know what to expect when it comes time to sleep.

There is something about the group mind though that helps encourage young children.

When your child sees the others laying down on the mats, they’ll likely follow suit and hopefully fall asleep without any issue.

Don't forget to Share with us what have you been doing to prepare your baby for daycare!

We want to hear from you: Share your super tips with the TLC Cares Community.

Question: What are you doing to get ready for your child's daycare transition?

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