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"Back to School" is Back

3 "Back to School" Tips for Parents

  1. Start a Bed Routine 2 weeks in advance:

After a long summer, kids need time to adjust a new sleep pattern, parents can facilitate this process by introducing the New Bed Time routine at least two weeks before their first day of school.

Extra Tip: Remember to use a calendar to start a countdown, it helps keeping them engaged as they mark off the days before school starts!

2. Make a "Back to School Shopping" is a Date:

Make a list of the essential item such as Notebooks, Erasers, Pen, Pencils, Pouches, Backpack to name a few. Now, we recommend choosing a Day or Weekend for you and your child to shop for these supplies- together. Allowing them to choose their own school supplies, (clothes, a backpack, eat) will make them to look forward to their first day of school

3. Show them you care:

The first day of school can be existing adventure yet daunting for a child. When preparing their lunch box, write a them little note, it could read "I will miss you", "Make it a great day"- just be creative! Encourage them to ask questions in class and participate!

We recommend finding the time to connect to talk about their day, it could be over dinner. Ask them about what they learned, encourage them to to share if they faced any challenges at school. Our hope is that this practice will become a habit.

Bonus Tip:

Make it a point to requently discuss their new school routines; what they can expect on the first day fo school.:

  • It will help them feel more prepared.

  • Create excitement.

  • Reduce anxiety both for you and your child.

Children pick up on your cues, your body language, your assertiveness, speak to them in a confident manner, it is important that you use encouraging words to build up their confidence- and yours too!

We want to hear from you: Share your super tips with the TLC Cares Community.

Question: When it comes to Phone Time or TV usage, do your children have enough time to do their homework and are they getting distracted?

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